Cartier W7100026 wrist watch , is like wearing the world in your hand

In recent years , Cartier launched a lot of new collections in superior series . And all these new products reflect the perfect combination between the creation from its designers and its skillful traditional craftsmanship in jewelry . With a great improvement in these years , Cartier is becoming one of manufactures that has the ability to design, produce , upkeep wrist watch and movement independently . It is rare in the world to do this so good . Today I will introduce Cartier W7100026 to you .


This wrist watch almost inherited the classic shape of Cartier fully. Its dial uses the most typical style of Cartier in superior series . It with dark gray glyph in dial and has the effect of solar output . It also with black Roman numerals and blue hand, all of these designs reveal its unique characteristic that Cartier is strict with craftsmanship.


Cartier launched new wrist watch with more complicated capability so that it can provide any practical information to travelers through many timezone display in the dial. For example it can display the time of different countries which they starting and arriving . And it also with directive function that can display daylight saving time and standard time. What’s more ,incredibly , it with the latest function that can display the time difference according to the area you are choosing .


The function that can display different timezone also was called world time or world time function. The traditional world time wrist watch with city directive dial that contains 24 timezone to represent the information of this city . It will make the dial rather complicated . But Cartier removes this function to the side of night o’clock skillfully , this created design make it with a city directive dial in the palace of night o’clock clearly .


You can read the time of 24 referent cities when you push the button . And you can read its time information about all these cities on by one when you push the button softly. And you can know time different between the place you stay and other areas where you are going to travel in advance . This created design makes its dial clear and easy to read , and with world time function at the same time.


In the place between four o’clock and eight o’clock, it with a display dial which can show the time different between the arrival and started area synchronously . The specific operation is as following . After you push the button which located in the place of two o’clock, the wrist watch will perform three steps at the same time. Its middle hour hand will keep moving at the unit of hour to display the time of arrived area. Secondly , the city directive dial will move with the hour hand to display the name of 24 reference cities . Finally , the time difference dial will display through adjusting its location.


Calibre de Cartier also with the transfer function between daylight saving time and standard time . You just read the time which with different grades from the city directive dial since it has separated to five months in the daylight saving time .


Cal.9909MC was made by Cartier independently . It is also the first movement which with many timezone function in the superior series. The series was made for travelers specially .


Appreciation of Cartier Ballon Bleu with big middle small size

Cartier Ballon Bleu collection is always the target that a lot of successful persons keep pursuing . The key factor is its good spirit that continued to get great improvement through creation . The deep blue manifests the smart of mature . The exquisite circle, let us feel the beauty of time that  has passed in our wrist peacefully . The crown which was made of super big rounded sapphire crystal, it is so attractive . And the lined case with the shape of circle but no like circle , it is so special in design.  All of these details really leading the trend of fashion . There are three types in the series of Cartier Ballon Bleu, the chronograph wrist watch , the super thin wrist watch ,another one is with diamond dial . But no mater which types , they are all combined with creation and classicism to get such successful achievement . They are good choices to someone with luxurious taste .

I think you may be confused among the series of Ballon Bleu . So today I will recommend three types of collections in small , middle , and big size , which is very popular so far . It is fit for different people with their unique need .

NO 1.Cartier Ballon Bleu ,Ref NO is W69012Z4, big size


The most obvious characteristic in front of us may be its big dial , yes ,it is 42mm , so it is big size .

In addition , it with sapphire crystal ,really a good matching with such big dial . The blue hand reveals the taste of elegance ,and with the function of date , but it can not display the day . This kind of wrist watch is suitable for successful men who like simple style .

NO 2.Cartier Ballon Bleu ,Ref NO is W6920046, middle size .


It with super thin case which only about 12mm of thickness . Using stainless steel in whole watch and adding the design of a cabochon blue crystal as decoration . It is the classic shape of Cartier . Its diameter only has 36.6mm, it is more suitable for men ,but women also can wearing this wrist watch .

NO 3.Cartier Ballon Bleu ,Ref NO is W69010Z4, small size .


Its diameter only has 28.6mm , and in order to down its thickness , using quartz movement and only has 9.35mm in thickness at the same time . Some people say that it has mistake in travel time . But I think we need to trust the technology of Cartier first , even though it used quartz movement , but it still has insurance in quality . For women , maybe we didn’t care about this so much , most of us are pursuing a nice appearance . It can help us get rid of some trouble since it used quartz movement , for example , we don’t need to wast time to wind up our watch . It is rather fit for women who are busy in their career but not have time to care too much about their watch .

The necessary wrist watch with rubber band ,no need to worry about sweat any more in summer

Summer is coming now , a lot of people become worry about how to wear a wrist watch with leather band. As we all known, we may be sweaty frequently in summer. The leather strap may stick to our wrist when we are full of sweat in hot days ,that can be make us feel very uncomfortable . What ‘s more, our sweat can damage our wrist watch actually . Sometimes it even be smelly , it is very difficult to handle. And if we choose the wrist watch with steel strap , we may be worried about that it will be corroded by our sweat . So in my opinion , It is the best choice to wear wrist watch with rubber band in summer , which can get rid of all these trouble we may suffer .

NO1. Chopard classic Racing collection , Ref NO is 168511-3001



Comment : This wrist watch gets its inspiration from one symbolic wrist watch in the series of classic Racing collection . It has its own special design ideal , which uses Dunlop racing tyre texture as natural rubber strap, and combined with classic shape design of racing collection skillfully. When we see its black circle dial , there are one chronograph dial with 60 seconds in the place of three o’clock , there are one accumulative dial with twelve hours displays in the place of six o’clock, and also has one chronograph dial with thirty minutes in the place of nine o’clock , There are one date display window between the place of four o’clock and five o’clock . Through the transparent back-case ,we can see half automatic rotor inside, which prints with classic logo of Chopard . Easy-read and low-key classic style is becoming its superior advantage .

NO2.IWC Aquatimer Family , Ref NO is IW356802



Comment : It completed with six super-luminescent mark under the sapphire crystal ring . Under the help of this effective luminescent coating, even under insufficient light , can see the diving time clearly . It is like the style in the past ,which with black dial ,and the first quarter in the minute hand and bezel is yellow symbol .

NO3. Hublot Classic Fusion 38mm collection , Ref NO is 561.CM.1110.RX


Comment : The classic circle design is its original ideal , and its special characteristic is screw design , its bezel was fixed with steel screw in the case . and its strap was fixed with screw in lugs . All these details add more metallic feeling to this ceramic wrist watch. In addition ,with a diamond of 38mm , is not small in shape, but more generous in appearance .

Summary : Although today I recommend wrist watch with rubber strap, I have known some people hate to wear this kind of watch, so I think you can buy one rubber band in summer so that you can wear different kinds of straps as you like ,and can get rid of trouble in summer .

Longines Master Collection,which is retro and fashion

Ancient customs are becoming the trend of fashion in recent years,verses,ditties,odes and songs was very popular in the past.More and more people are in memory of the beauty in the past culture.From such trend of fashion,we know that it is really fit in everybody and every ages with its special traditional style.
With the development of the watch industry,in order to satisfy the taste nowadays,a lot of brands try their best to create more attractive wrist watch with wonderful and complicated shape to catch eyes in the world . Maybe people feels tired to see so many complicated watch in the market,they pursue the simple style.They would like to look back ,and the retro watch is becoming very popular in recent two years. It is liked that we are turning back the age of 60s and 70s,even the earlier age with more classic design.It has some main detail to show this style. For example,the size of rial and the shape of pointer,which almost express the ancient customs.With the goal of standing the same place with customers,all watch brands try to add some retro elements in their product. So we can see this style in every corner around the world.


Longines Master Collection has one kind of watch with this style.When you see the gen,it didn’t launch for a long time. It was turned out since 2005. Except the style with three big pointers ,all the high-end watches of Longines are more complicated,and the design is the most distinguished in this series.

Longines with a history over one century since was establishes in 1832. But it was not the most retro brand among all world-famous watches.Its master cost a lot oftime to finish such style with their spirit that to be the best one. When we see this watch carefully,we will find that it with L.678 movement which is almost the same as Conquest Classic Moonphase.But it also has some details different from Conquest Classic Moonphase. For example,the design of Arabic numerals and the size of dial.What’s more,it has time scale so that can keep balance in the design of surface. That is really the unique characteristic for this design.

After we know something about its design,let’s talk about its function.It has twenty four hours display and with certain timing characteristic.With the power movement,it can swing 28,800 times one hour.In addition,it with power reserve near 46 hours.


Watch together with bracelet make you more fashion

With the development of the times,more and more people get the habit of wearing watch ,no matter for business or fashion.Since some fashion persons are following to fashion style deeply ,only wearing a watch can’t satisfy their pursue of fashion.So watch together with bracelet as one kind of collocation is becoming very popular in the market.No matter fashion blogger or super star who are enjoying the street show,all of them have stylish collocation in their wrists.It is really a wonderful view with such popularity.So how to match with watch and bracelet ,is there any tips to be fashion?

Tips NO1 to be perfect .

Give up the ideal that wearing a watch is enough as collocation

In China ,we still keep the ideal that wearing a watch is enough as collocation deeply,especially the group of female.But it is very different in Europe,There are many men will choose several pieces of bracelets or wristbands which with the similar material as decoration.It is really show their taste of watch obviously.


Tips NO 2 to be perfect.

Mix the collocation with different material ,different color and different style.

When you choose more reasonable watch and jewelry,it can create different style in vision.In addition,it can create the trend of avast-grade fashion through the combination of different material ,different color and different style.We can not only switch the official style and casual style freely ,but also can satisfy our different requirement in different occasion.It also can reveal someone’s taste of beauty and cultural cultivation at the same time.



Tips NO 3 to be perfect.

The style of watch and bracelet should be clean and elegant.

Sometimes it is fashionable to change complicated things to be simple.Using a bracelet to decorate watch is a suitable way in collocation.But there is one point we should pay more attention,the style of watch and bracelet should be clean and elegant,only with such style can be suitable in some occasion.

In my opinion,it is the trend of fashion to collocate in wrist.It should has cordiality in style and color when decorate with watch and jewelry.